Aden - Co-Founder


I have a pretty strange background.

I have worked in film, architecture, laser cosmetic medicine and I have even been a public servant. I never imagined that I would be adding 'hobby store owner' to that list, but I wouldnt want to do anything else! I love to share the passion the community has for scale modleling and help them do it.

I loved to make scale models as a small child, but entered a long scale modelling hiatus after I suffered from an accident which required extensive rehab. Even now, my physical disabilities are catching up to me, so I'm always looking for simpler and easier ways to get the same results when scale modelling. 

That's why I'm always trying to look for and stock items that are designed to make tedious tasks easier and less labor intensive. An example of this is the Hobby Mio paint shaker - I have arthritis on my wrists so even the act of shaking a paint bottle can result in severe pain. It may be a mundane task for most people, but extremely hard for those with a disability like myself.

I hope that all of you love our range of products, and become regular customers. Nothing makes me happier than seeing everyone's quality of work being improved by the products that we stock.