Mars (@winzfactor) - Founder

Howdy all, my name is Marrisa (Mars). I come from Solo, Indonesia, and have been building scale models since the age of 8. My first kit was a Revell 1/570 scale RMS Titanic which I completely screwed up. I didn't know painting was needed, and my family could not afford the tools needed for scale modelling.

Growing up, I remember feeling frustrated that I was limited by the tools and budget I got. My first entry to a scale modelling competition was a complete disaster, and I nearly gave up on the hobby altogether.

After making ships, airliners, and tanks, I finally settled on making exclusively Gundam kits since 2008. The reason for this is simply the fact that I can go crazy with color schemes and other ideas! (Can't exactly make a hot pink P-51D Mustang without getting confused looks from everyone...). The fact that Gundam kits are snap built with little filling and prep means that I have more time to plan for color schemes, diorama, and other add-ons.

My goal is to empower other female scale modellers, and to supply good quality niche/hard to find tools and kits in Australia at a reasonable price. I'm very active on my instagram (@winzfactor), answering questions from my followers, posting weird memes, and providing guidance for first time modellers. If you have any questions please reach out to me, whether on Instagram or at