AFVs - BORDER 1/35 BT-012 British Crusader Mk.III


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The Crusader also known by its General Staff number A.15, was a primary British cruiser tank during the early part of the Second World War mainly during the Western Desert campaigns.

Prototyped as a cruiser tank in 1939, and about 5,300 of it were produced; it became the basis for the flow of British tanks to follow, such as the Cromwell, Comet, Centurion and Chieftain. During the war, the British Army used two types of tanks: cruiser tanks and infantry tanks. Cruiser tanks were faster and better armed than infantry tanks and were tasked with anti-tank combat, but in Africa they struggled against the German Panzer III and Panzer IV. The first Crusader team fought on the front lines in the battle near Fort Capzo in June 1941, until the end of the North African campaign in Tunisia.


  • This kit comes with a metal barrel and photo-etched parts; the track and suspension are movable. As a first-time bonus, a special cutting mat with an original print on both sides will be included! (This item is only included with the first production run of the kit; if yours does not include this item, it was not part of the first production run.)
  • High quality, precision plastic model kit. Paint and glue not included. Requires assembly and painting. For intermediate to advanced skill modellers