Frame Arms Girl - Hand Scale Stylet XF-3 Low Visibility Ver.


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Frame Arms Girl Stylet gets a new Hand Scale release from Kotobukiya, in a Low Visibility version! Her new Low Visibility color is easy to combine with various M.S.G. items, and the range of motion in her knees is greatly improved thanks to new double joints!

She has two prepainted faces (plus two unpainted ones that you can customize as you like), and with 20 points of articulation overall, she can get into lots of action-packed poses. She's armed with her smart gun, large Gatling gun, large missile, blade, Gatling gun and hand missile; her back booster can also be transformed into a more aggressive version. Interchangeable hands, additional weapon grips for M.S.G. and other weapons, and 2mm-to-3mm port convertor parts are also included.


    Please note: This item ships to us direct from Japan - packaging, promotional materials, and booklets may be in Japanese only. Images are for reference only and actual product appearance may vary

    Item Size/Weight: 20.7cm x 15.2cm x 7.0cm / 200g
    Manufacturer: Kotobukiya