P-BANDAI - Haropla "Piggy Haro"


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The Haropla Piggy Haro is a non-scale Haropla released in 2018, as an exclusive for China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

  • Arms and legs can be rebuilt into extended mode via parts swapping.
    • Likewise, the arms and legs can be stored underneath the stand.
  • The cover panels on the head, lower "ears", and the pelvis can be optionally removed to reveal mounting points for customization. (Rod-jointed parts only.)
  • The ear pieces are poseable.
  • Display Stand can connect with other Haropla & Petitgguy stands.


Please note: This item ships to us direct from Japan - packaging, promotional materials, and booklets may be in Japanese only. Images are for reference only and actual product appearance may vary

Item Size/Weight: 19.2cm x 15.0cm x 4.8cm / 100g
Manufacturer: BANDAI