Spare Parts - AOK Silveroaks *RESIN* Ex-Sentinel 1.5 Mini Head Bust (READ DESCRIPTION)

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Hurro CHC peeps, this is Mars speaking.

This listing is for the "Second Head" section that comes with the AOK Silveroaks Resin Conversion Kit for the MG Ex-S 1.5.

The "Second Head" is basically a mini head display!
It doesn't fit the actual MG Ex-S 1,5, and is separate from the whole build experience. It has its' own inner frame, and comes with a mini base (please see pictures)

The size of this display is the same size as an MG head (1/100,duh).

You will need to cut and prep these resin pieces. Make sure to use wet sanding method and to use thick nippers!

This is perfect for someone who just wants a simple resin section to practice on!


*WYSWYG (What you see is what you get)
Once sold out, we will not be restocking this item.

These junk/ spare parts are perfect for those of you who would like to use them for kitbash/ scratchbuild materials, or as a secondary replacement to resin conversions (if applicable).

Please note:

  • These parts are GENUINE parts from AOK Silveroaks
  • These parts are UNPAINTED
  • NO RETURNS OR REFUNDS are accepted for these spare part items.