Yujiao Land - MG Sazabi Ver. Ka Resin Conversion Kit 1.0

Yujiao Land

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Resin Conversion Kit for MG Sazabi Ver.Ka.

Please note that this conversion kit DOES NOT INCLUDE MODIFICATIONS FOR THE BACKPACK UNIT! If you would like to modify the backpack, please purchase the Expansion Set!

Base Kit (NOT INCLUDED) required for this product: MG Sazabi Ver.Ka.



  • Please use a P2 mask and/or the wet sanding method when sanding, and use a well-ventilated area. RESIN DUST IS HARMFUL FOR YOUR HEALTH!
  • These resin conversions are not painted, and assembly is required. Sometimes, you may even need magnets to hold them in place.
  • There may be some faults in the resin that you would need to fix yourself (filling, sanding, or even cutting). Using a putty to fill imperfections is usually the way to go
  • The images shown are the final product after painting and building
  • Not for novice modellers!!

In addition, if you are planning to enter BANDAI-sanctioned / other scale modelling competitions, RESIN CONVERSIONS OR AFTERMARKET DETAILING PARTS MAY BE GROUNDS FOR DISQUALIFICATION. Please please check your local competition rules.