Yujiao Land - MG Zaku II Resin Conversion Kit

Yujiao Land

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Resin Conversion Kit for MG Zaku II.

Base Kit (NOT INCLUDED) required for this product: MG Char's Zaku II
NOTE: This is for one kit even though pictures shows 2.



  • Please use a P2 mask and/or the wet sanding method when sanding, and use a well-ventilated area. RESIN DUST IS HARMFUL FOR YOUR HEALTH!
  • These resin conversions are not painted, and assembly is required. Sometimes, you may even need magnets to hold them in place.
  • There may be some faults in the resin that you would need to fix yourself (filling, sanding, or even cutting). Using a putty to fill imperfections is usually the way to go
  • The images shown are the final product after painting and building
  • Not for novice modellers!!

In addition, if you are planning to enter BANDAI-sanctioned / other scale modelling competitions, RESIN CONVERSIONS OR AFTERMARKET DETAILING PARTS MAY BE GROUNDS FOR DISQUALIFICATION. Please please check your local competition rules.