Brand Authorization Certificates

We are the official reseller of the brands we carry. 

 No need to worry about counterfeits! Furthermore, being an official reseller means that if your products are defective from the manufacturer itself (please see returns/ refund policy here), we are able to provide a replacement or work with the manufacturers for a temporary/ permanent fix. We gotchu!

In addition, being an official reseller means that we get to organize the occasional promotions/ collaborations for our customers! Everybody loves freebies!

Our reseller agreements are always updated at the end of the agreed terms, unless we choose to discontinue the lineup.

(Please note that some brands do not provide a brand authorization certificate)


Hobby Mio


Gunprimer / G-Rework


HWS (Heavy Weapon Systems)

 Currently brewing... 👩‍🔬👩‍🔬

DNR (DanurDoner)


Zurc Scale Model Paints