Frequently Asked Questions

Is Canberra Hobby Centre real? Is this an out-of-season April Fool's joke?

Canberra Hobby Centre is very real; we’ve been selling Gunpla and niche tools since 2021. We are an online-only store.

Do you sell RCs/ drones?

No, we don't sell RCs or drones.

Do you do pre-orders?

We don't offer pre-orders, and we believe the current state of pre-ordering is anti-consumer. Unlike typical consumer items like electronics, model and hobby manufacturers cannot guarantee release dates - nor can they guarantee retail fulfillment quantities. This is the nature of the model and hobby market. Since no guarantees exist in this market, we don't want to provide a customer experience based on uncertainties.

In essense, we don't think it's right to sell you something that we don't have, nor is it right for us to use your money as an interest free loan. We believe that when you spend your money, you should have your expectations met, including knowing when you'll receive what you purchased. This is why we work really hard at making sure we have READY STOCK of our products.

Is [insert item here] in stock?

If you can see the "add to cart" button, and not the "sold out" button, it means that the item you're after is READY STOCK. Our inventory is updated in real-time, and is always accurate.

Do you price match with [insert store name here]?

No, our store doesn't offer price matching with other local or international stores.

Do you offer an affiliate program? Let me rephrase. I want to make money by putting a link to your site on my blog about vegan acupuncturists, which attracts well over 5 readers a month. How can I make this happen?

We don’t have an affiliate program, but we do sponsor scale model shows/ groups around Australia. If your local scale model club is running a scale model show/ competition and would like us to sponsor the Gundam category, send us an e-mail at

Do I *really* need a respirator to use Zurc paints? I see a lot of people not using one. What's the big deal?

Yes, yes you do. Even one hour of exposure to strong paint fumes can produce dizziness, confusion, headaches, and nausea - as well as cause lung damage over time (trust us, we know commission workers with lung damage because they only use a dust mask).
The best way to protect yourself from such harm is to wear a respirator. The respirator will filter all the harmful gases, fumes, and vapors to keep you safe.

Ideally, you will need a combination A1/P2 respirator for maximum protection. At the very minimum, you will need a respirator with an A1 (organic vapor) cartridge. Don't forget to always check the fit/seal of your respirator with every use - you can find our tutorial about it here.

Do you sell RCs/ drones?

No...we don't sell RCs or drones. We just told you that.

Where do you get your stock from?

We get our stock from all over the world! For tools, they mainly come from Korea, Japan, China and Indonesia. For kits, they come from all over - even domestically! Some of the kits may be ex-warehouse clearance items from their respective countries, but in brand new condition. That's why we're able to give a competitive price for our scale model kits

Do you offer wholesale arrangements to other stores?


Are you hiring?

No, but we often think about firing Eve rather frequently.

What are your store's policies?

You can find our shipping/ return policy here, our terms of service here, our privacy policy here, and our refund policy here.

How can I check my order status?

You may check your order status anytime using the link from your confirmation email.

How quickly will my order ship?

We strive to ship orders as soon as possible (within 1 business day). Sometimes, there may be delays in processing your order, since we don't hire any staff members (to keep prices low). We ask for your understanding in this matter.

Do you sell RCs/ drones?

No. For the last time, NO. We DO NOT sell RCs or drones.