Our Core Values

Canberra Hobby Centre is founded on the desire to create a supportive community for scale modellers.

We believe that the true joy of scale modelling is found not by simply creating the most perfect kit, but also in the fellowship of scale modellers who group together to discuss, engage, and share their ideas. We want all modellers to feel welcome and appreciated, regardless of their budget, identity, or experience.

We believe that free information is priceless for the community - especially beginners - and that information should be open access to benefit the masses. In this day and age where a lot of scale modelling contents are locked behind paywalls, we hope to break the cycle by publishing FREE monthly tutorials to our social media followers.

We believe that "upselling" customers in the hobby sphere is a practice that needs to be stopped, and that modellers have the capability to produce great art even if they can only afford basic tools. Scale modelling doesn't have to be expensive, and we will strive to keep our price points affordable for everyone.

Lastly, we believe that customers deserve the right to know the utility and story behind the products that they want to purchase. We are proud to have trialled every single tool we stock, and therefore able to write a thorough description on the item, to educate customers and to prevent them from "buying blind".

Whether you're from interstate or overseas, we welcome you - let's share the joy and fun of this hobby together!