Frame Arms Girl - Gourai Kai 2.0 (Samurai Form)


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This model kit features newly redesigned color schemes! Materia’s leg parts are also included so users are able to equip EXPANSION ARMOR Type G shin armor on the model.

Model Specifications:

  • This model kit includes GOURAI-KAI Ver. 2, EXPANSION ARMOR Type G and Samurai Master Sword in brand new original colors.
  • This kit includes Materia’s leg parts, allowing users to be able to also equip EXPANSION ARMOR Type G shin armor only with this model.Three types of pre-printed face parts are included (looking forward, composed, shouting).
  • Newly designed eye decals for the shouting face are included.
  • Two unprinted face parts are included to use with decals. Create your favorite expression with the included decals.
  • Decals are included to recreate GOURAI-KAI.

The GOURAI-KAI Ver.2 base model is the same as previous versions.
GOURAI-Kai Ver. 2 Base Model Specifications:

  • This kit can recreate both GOURAI-KAI and GOURAI.
  • The kit comes with four optional pieces of chest armor — two for GOURAI-KAI (medium and large) and two for GOURAI (medium and large) — in addition to the standard armor.
  • The kit includes five sets of PVC hand parts.
  • Head parts that are compatible with 3mm connection points are included as well as extension parts with 3mm joints/connection points for the chest.
  • The PVC hands are compatible with existing weapons from the M.S.G and Frame Arms series.


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    Item Size/Weight: 31 x 19 x 10 cm / 480g
    Manufacturer: Kotobukiya