DNR - Fluorescent Panel Line Accent Colors


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DNR partnered with QW MODEL from China to bring you these awesome Fluorescent panel liners! These panel liners are water-based. and easy to clean up using lighter fluid (or 01 base cleaner solution).

The fluorescent colours are visible under UV light, and would make any models pop! :D
Even if you're not using it for its' UV effects, the different colours of the panel liners makes panel lining with different colours easier and possible!

For best effect and extra adherence to plastic, please use the base coat solution (01) before applying the panel line. However, this is totally optional! (an example on when the base coat solution is mandatory, is if you would like to panel line a gloss-injected or titanium finish kit.)

Need a UV torch? You can grab one here!

    [Product Material] : Waterbased fluorescent panel liner
    Made in China, repackaged in Indonesia
    18ml per bottle