DNR - "Shark" Premium Ultra-Thin Single Blade Nipper (Ver 2.0)


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Buy this nipper and get the DSPIAE anti-rust oil 30% off!


DanurDoner (DNR) debuts its' launch in Indonesia and worldwide by releasing their own version of single blade nipper!

Priced competitively between Mio's beginner nipper and the DSPIAE ST-A 3.0 nipper, with similar quality to leading brands such as Godhand and DSPIAE, these nippers are great for those "graduating" off beginner nippers and looking to improve their work!

+ Increased durability compared to similar nippers (e.g MAN WAH)
+ Improved sharpness to further reduce stress marks
+ Sealed with anti-rust technology

Only use these nippers to cut plastic, resin, PVC and ABS materials.
Can cut materials up to 4mm in diameter. If using to cut thick gates, use the back side of the nipper and not the tip!

[Product Material] :  Carbon Steel
Comes with leather protector
Designed and made in Indonesia