DSPIAE - AT-TVA / AT-TVB Table Top Vise


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This is an upgraded version of the old AT-TV Table vise! Heavier and more expensive but with more utility!


Once upon a time, I stumbled upon this beautiful creation when browsing the #gunpla Instagram tag. When I noticed that pretty much every "big-name" builder has one, I FOMOd pretty hard and got myself one.

This table vise is one of the best financial decisions I've made in my life. This nifty little tool gives so much utility, which include:

  • Freeing up your hands to apply decals on complicated surfaces (no more one-handed decal applications! I can finally apply airliner window decals properly!)
  • Enabling you to secure a particular part for handpainting (perfect for miniature painters - no more using your painting clips to hold pieces!)
  • Displaying your work - you can attach say a torso piece, a completed miniature, or a head piece, and take photos!

The table vise pivots and rotates at a wide range, and comes with anti-slip rubber feet and rubber "struts" to prevent damage to your model with using the device.

Weight: Approx 600g
Dimensions: 90*65*67mm
Material: Aluminium alloy, stainless steel, copper
Made in China