DSPIAE - AT-VHDS Pin Vise + Drill Set


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⚠️ This is an IMPROVED version of DSPIAE's AT-HD hand drill set! DON'T GET CONFUSED! ⚠️

Instead of coming with a specific hand drill handle that can only be used with DSPIAE's own drill heads, this drill set comes with DSPIAE's AT-VHD universal pin vise handle.
This makes the drill set more versatile, since you don't have a "dead" drill holder, and you can use it with your other drill bits or chisels.

This set contains the pin vise handle, as well as a set of 0.3mm to 1.2mm bits. Perfect for drilling holes for different-sized thruster nozzles and metal screws. Also great for other scale modelling purposes. You won't be disappointed with the quality of these drill bits!

Also comes with its' own carry case.

Contents: AT-VHD universal pin vise handle, 10x tungsten steel bits (0.3mm-1.2mm)
Size: 90mm
Weight: ~25g
Made in China