DSPIAE - "Super Corgi Butts" (Paint/Color Testing Pieces)


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A wacky but very useful product from DSPIAE, these cute corgi butts makes the perfect paint testing surface before committing on your model kits!

We know what you're thinking: "But CHC! Why not just use spoons? They're always reliable and cheap!"
Many modellers use spoons as a paint testing surface, but did you know that plastic spoons are made of a different material than scale model plastic? The opacity of plastic spoons also differ between manufacturers, producing different results for the same paint.

DSPIAE's corgi butts are made of the same materials (PS plastic), which is similar to most scale model plastic material commonly used worldwide. It has added contours to help better simulate how colors would land on a piece with uneven surface. 

To top it all off, it comes in 3 colors: Gloss Black (for your metallics), Gloss White (for solid colors), and Clear (for transparent colors)! You won't be disappointed!


Each box contains 16 panels/ butts (8 male, 8 female corgi butts)
Made in China