Frame Arms Girl - Gourai


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Continuing the recent trend of depicting heavy armaments as cute girls, Kotobukiya brings us Frame Arms Girls Gorai!  This wistful young lady is equipped with Frame Arms Gorai's armor and armaments. She'll stand about 13.5cm tall after assembly, and although her elbows and knees are not jointed, she comes with replacement left limbs which can help you reproduce the pose shown in the photos.  She also comes with decals showing her eyes looking in different directions. She's armed with an assortment of weaponry, such as a knife with scabbard, a bazooka, caterpillar treads, and a gun.  It must be noted that not all weapons pictured with her will come with her; she can be displayed with existing Frame Arms weaponry


Please note: This item ships to us direct from Japan - packaging, promotional materials, and booklets may be in Japanese only. Images are for reference only and actual product appearance may vary

Item Size/Weight: 31.0cm x 19.1cm x 8.6cm / 390g
Manufacturer: Kotobukiya