Frame Arms Girl - Magatsuki (Kikka)


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A new Frame Arms Girl from Kotobukiya drops - the Magatsuki (Kikka) based off of an illustration by designer ToMo!

  • She comes with three pre-printed face parts: a smiling face, a damaged face and a face with closed eyes.
  • Her hair can be tied into a single knotted ponytail.
  • She also comes with her standard Magatsuki long hair.
  • She comes with bangs without headgear.
  • A gold and white base color is included to match the standard version of Magatsuki.
  • A clear shuriken is included in the same molding color as the transparent pieces of armor.
  • Decals are included for the eyes and gold markings for the tachibana pattern.
  • Two sets of dedicated weapons are included: the "Tenkai" sword and the "Satsuga" sidearm.
  • The weapons can be recreated without replacing the parts of the swords.
  • A joint part is included to connect the sword to the heel of the Tenkai.
  • The headgear can be made into two types of small headgears, as well as the large headgear shown in the example images.
  • A simple round base is included.
  • The connection part can be moved up and down.
  • Optional joint parts for the thighs are included.
  • Joint parts for the waist are included.
  • Drawable chest and shoulder joints allow for a wide range of movement.
  • A wide range of movement is possible by using the sliding hip joints and the pull-out joints in the thighs.
  • The wrists have spherical joints that are movable on their axes, allowing for expressive poses.
  • Five different PVC-type wrist parts are included for each side.
  • The wrists, including the joints, can be reconfigured with wrists from the existing Frame Arms Girl series.
  • The 3mm diameter holes in the arms and legs allow for the use of existing M.S.G series and Frame Arms series armaments.


    Please note: This item ships to us direct from Japan - packaging, promotional materials, and booklets may be in Japanese only. Images are for reference only and actual product appearance may vary

    Item Size/Weight: 31.0cm x 19.2cm x 14.0cm / 720g
    Manufacturer: Kotobukiya