Fujimi - American Crayfish (Evangelion Unit-02 Edition)


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Fujimi jazzes up its superb model kit of the Louisiana Crayfish (a.k.a. crayfish or crawdad) with the colors of Evangelion Unit-02 from "Rebuild of Evangelion"!

A common sight in the southern and southeastern United States and northern Mexico, it has also been introduced to other areas and has sometimes made an invasive pest of itself. It should also be noted that they're delicious!

Fujimi's model kit of the "mudbug" is now upgraded with parts molded in EVA-01's signature purple, green and black; its eyes are bright yellow. Stickers are included for the EVA-01's markings, too. The crayfish features movable front claws with pinching action, moving 2nd-through-5th legs, and a posable tail.