G-Rework - Custom Visual Book 001


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Introducing G-REWORK's first custom technique & visualbook.

Modeler Ghost has produced 120 Gunpla models in 9 years and has shown some inspiring works.

This book contains his workflow processes for some of his kits, as well as some tips and tricks useful for all Gunpla modellers.

1. [PG]EXIA Custom
2. Types of tools and how to use them
3. [MG]How to work with OOQ FULL SABER.
4. [MG]Custom Image of OOQ

You can see most of the methods and completion of his "[MG] OOQ", so that you can make your own model easily by practicing with the methods offered in this book!


Size : 210*295*80mm 
Weight : ~700g
Page : 120p