Gunprimer - Gate Remover Set (RASER Gift Set)


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Nub marks are a thing of the past if used properly. The creators in Korea call this set a “surface treatment kit” and after you see it in action, you’ll know why.

This set consists of:

  • 1 RASER Origin glass file (not to be confused with the RASER+)
  • 1 White Balancer
  • 1 Recover cloth

Comes in a fancy box that can double as a tool tray or storage bin.

Check out this video on how to use this item - it really is as easy as it looks!

  • Residues stuck on the RASER’s surface can decrease performance. To remove residues, clean with water or masking tape. If cleaning with water, dry completely before using.
  • Tempered-glass made RASER does not break during normal use. However, it can be damaged from external shocks and drops. Always store in a storage case when not in use.
  • Only for use on plastics. Do not use on metal or resin parts.

Made in Korea