Gunprimer - GLAZER Finishing Solution


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Only one word describes the product: revolutionary.

Gunprimer is back again with their newest product - the GLAZER finishing solution. 

GLAZER can be applied to your painted or unpainted kits, and is designed to improve the look and feel of your models, making it less "plasticy" and more life-like.

For car, aviation, and bike modellers, GLAZER can improve the glossy feel of the top coat, and prevent fingerprint buildup on windscreens and chrome-plated parts.
For hot toys and figure collectors, GLAZER improves surface definition and texture of your kits, while preventing dust buildup.
For Gunpla modellers, GLAZER makes P-BANDAI clear and gloss-injected kits more glossy and transparent, on top of all the other benefits above!

  • GLAZER minimizes diffuse reflection. Thus, it increases contrast and creates a more defined look. However, discoloration from UV rays can't be restored 100%. Applying GLAZER early enough provides better protection against yellowing, whitening, dust settling, etc.

  • Depending on the model's size, GLAZER can be used for about 20 to 100 models. 60ml bottle can be sprayed approximately 500 times. It is recommended to apply lightly and cover the surface evenly.

  • Do not apply GLAZER before stickers and decals. They won't stick on the surfaces after GLAZER is applied. Always apply decals/stickers and topcoat before using GLAZER.

Material: Nanoparticle Silicon
Made in Korea