Gunprimer - GRIDA Premium Scribing Set


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Wanting to learn how to scribe, but don't want to spend too much on / not sure how to use chisels yet?
Or perhaps you're an experienced scriber, but would like a more effective and easy-to-use chisel?

Gunprimer got you all covered with this amazing GRIDA set. The fact that this set is almost always sold out on their website is a clear indicator of its' quality and versatility.

In summary, it's a mechanical pencil-type chisel. You use it as you would use a mechanical pencil, but instead of a pencil lead coming out of the tip, it's a scribing micro chisel.
Just like its' mechanical pencil counterpart, please be careful not to overextend the chisel and put too much pressure on it. 

A how-to video can be seen here. This set also comes with a set of scribing template (tape sheet), which is definitely very handy. Whether you're creating new panel lines or deepening existing ones, I'm confident that you won't be disappointed with your purchase!

Each GRIDA set includes a handmade certificate of authenticity and a sheet of scribing guide "tapes". Because of the precision and craftsmanship required to attain the highest quality possible, only 10 of this product is produced per day.


Material: Reinforced Iron
Size : 0.5x30mm
Made in Korea