Gunprimer - Panel Line Master Guide Ver. 2


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A panel line scribing guide kit containing multiple variations. 

This product is designed for newbie scribers who has little experience, but still want to save time in measuring different lengths and angles needed for scribing. This Master Guide is not as thick as Gunprimer's other panel line guides. More scribing hook/chisel control is hence needed.

4 types are available: 2mm or 3mm wide guides pre-cut into 20mm lengths...
Or 2mm or 3mm wide guides un-cut.

  • The MASTER GUIDE 2.0 is an upgraded set of precut guides perfect to use on plastic models. It is very convenient and can be quickly used with ease.

  • Pre-drawn measuring markings make it easy to check the exact location and spacing when scribing panel lines on the surfaces, and helps reduce eye stress. 

  • The newly improved guides have stronger and more flexible material that adheres well on the angled surfaces. It can be reused multiple times due to its excellent adhesion characteristics.

Simply peel and stick!

For better adhesion, ensure that the surface is free of grime and dirt.

Made in Korea