Gunprimer - RASER Origin


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Say goodbye to nub marks!

The RASER ORIGIN is the smaller version of the RASER+ glass file. Because of it's smaller size, it's best used to reach problematic areas and to do precision sanding instead of thick nub mark removal.

Please see the comparison between the RASER+ and the ORIGIN on the image gallery to your left.

Check out this video on how to use this item - it really is as easy as it looks!

  • Residues stuck on the RASER’s surface can decrease performance. To remove residues, clean with water or masking tape. If cleaning with water, dry completely before using.
  • Tempered-glass made RASER does not break during normal use. However, it can be damaged from external shocks and drops. Always store in a storage case when not in use.
  • Only for use on plastics. Do not use on metal or resin parts.

Super-Nano Technology
Material: Tempered Glass
Made in Korea