Gunprimer - Sand-loop FLAT (Starter Set)


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This is the "Starter Set" /  "Value Pack" of Gunprimer's Sand-Loop FLAT lineup.
It includes one of each sheet of sandpaper, alongside the tempered glass mini handle (basically Gunprimer's premium sanding stick).


Made with premium finish tempered glass, MINI-HANDLE is durable and provides an excellent grip with its compact size and weight. Each side of MINI HANDLE is composed with a Magic-hook system to secure the SAND-LOOP in place and allows easy attachment and detachment when replacing it. Unlike any other conventional products, it detaches easily and does not leave any adhesives.

SAND-LOOP FLAT is Gunprimer's version of high-durability sandpaper. It's based on the ultra-precision sandpaper used on semiconductor manufacturing processes, which has superior durability and grinding capability compared to conventional sandpapers.

It’s adhesive backing allows to be attached and detached easily on a sanding stick or it can be used as a stand alone sandpaper. Unlike our Mio sandpapers, however, you will need to cut these sandpapers to size manually (it's not pre-cut).


Made in Korea.