GZ Studio - Resin Detailing Parts (HD Series)

GZ Studio

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GZ Studio makes their debut with these amazing 3D resin add-ons for scale models! Made of high quality resin with awesome designs, it really is worth the price.

These 3D-printed resin add-ons are easy to use for newbies. Simply cut the resin parts from the nubs, and use a bit of glue to apply it to your kits. These resin parts are unpainted, so you'll need to paint them in order to make it blend with your kits.

⚠️ WARNING: GZ Studio detailing parts are made of 3D PRINTED RESIN. Please use a P2 mask and/or the wet sanding method when sanding. RESIN DUST IS HARMFUL FOR YOUR HEALTH!

In addition, if you are planning to enter BANDAI-sanctioned / other scale modelling competitions, 3D PRINTED PARTS OR AFTERMARKET DETAILING PARTS MAY BE GROUNDS FOR DISQUALIFICATION. Please please check your local competition rules.