Hobby Mio - A5 DIY Masking Tape (Set of 5)

Hobby Mio

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Contains 5x A5 masking paper, and 1x transfer sheet.

Ever want to do a bunch of masking tape cutting (especially over cutting templates/ cutting mats) efficiently? Mio now has you covered with this DIY A5 Masking Tape sheet!

When using traditional roll-type masking tape to cover complex graphics, it is often necessary to first affix the masking tape to the surface of the cutting mat, and then cut out the desired masking pattern pattern again.

Due to improper storage, roll-type masking tape may have dust or bumps on its edges, which may result in uneven edges or reduced viscosity, or the masking tape may transfer stains on the cutting mat to the surface of the covered part, ultimately affecting the covering effect. Flat masking paper can effectively solve the above problems and improve your masking work!

You can peel the whole thing and put it over your cutting template, or your cutting mat so you can cut patterns more effectively and with ease. This also prevents "dead edges", ensuring most of the masking tape is used, reducing waste.

Made in China