Hobby Mio - Carving Tools (Sculpture Carver)

Hobby Mio

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For the scale modellers who loves working on miniatures or putty-related ventures, Hobby Mio released this nifty carving utensils to help you!

Hobby Mio's carving tools comes in 4 different variants (Please look at the pictures to your left to better understand the usage scenarios for each type):

  • HMT 131: This variant has two flat ends. It's especially useful to spread out putty, paste, or glue, and for sculpting scenarios, it's useful to "pat down" surfaces into a smooth surface.

  • HMT 132: This variant has a small rounded end, as well as a blade-shaped tip on the other side. The rounded end of the tool is useful for making small indentations like eyes for figures, whereas the other end can be used to cut putty or to make incisions.

  • HMT 133: Almost like the HMT-132 above, this variant has a bigger rounded end, as well as a "spear-shaped" tip on the other end. Useful to make bigger identations and lines.

  • HMT 134: This variant has two hooked ends of different sizes. Very useful to be carving small details for faces (lips and nose), and for other uses such as positioning putties between joints.