Hobby Mio - Empty Mixing Bottle (60ml and 100ml)

Hobby Mio

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Yet another item I wished I had earlier.

As someone who mixes their own paint on a regular basis, I found it frustrating that most mixing bottles come in a 15-30ml capacity. 

A lot of renowned modellers (especially in the South-East Asia region) are using these Hobby Mio bottles, since the larger capacity enables high-volume mixing and ensures adequate supply when churning through commission work. 

You can remove the label on the bottle, and swap it with the label of the paint for easy identification.

On the side of the bottle, there is a calibration mark to ensure that your paint and thinner ratio is spot on. The bottles are made of PET plastic, which has been proven to be durable against thinners. It also comes with a paint stirring ball inside the bottle.


Made in China.