Hobby Mio - External Mac Valve with Quick Disconnect

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Let me try to explain what a Mac Valve is without breaking my (and your) brain and going into too much Physics.

  • The Mac Valve goes under the airbrush, and has an airflow regulator knob.
  • The knob influences air pressure coming into the airbrush
  • The more you open the knob, higher airflow feeds into the airbrush, increasing paint output
  • When you dial the knob down, less airflow feeds into the airbrush, and reducing paint output
  • Useful to control airflow and to make painting more consistent

I'm a heavy Mac Valve user, and my Valve is pretty much permanently stuck under my airbrush. Aden actually got me onboard the Mac Valve cult, and I never looked back since. Simply having a steady airstream is enough to drastically improve the quality of my work.

This Mac Valve also features a quick disconnect system, so you can change your airbrushes easily.

We've tested the Mac Valve with Iwata HP-CP and HP-CS airbrushes, and it's compatible. Naturally, this Mac Valve is compatible with all Hobby Mio airbrushes, too.

If you'd like to get into the sciencey stuff, check out this link!


Made in China