Hobby Mio - HM-130 Beginner's Airbrush (0.3mm)

Hobby Mio

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Are you a scale modelling newbie who would like to try airbrushing, but don't want to spend $100++ on an airbrush? Or perhaps you're the parent of a rising scale modeller enthusiast, but unsure if your little one can use an airbrush effectively just yet to jump on the financial commitment.

This beginner airbrush is the answer!

When I first started airbrushing, I bought a Sparmax for around $130. I was inexperienced and bit off more than I could chew. As a result, I ruined a perfectly good Sparmax by doing things that were not meant to be done on an airbrush.

I highly recommend this airbrush if you would like to start your customizing journey. Not only that this airbrush is quite "hardy" and can withstand some abuse, it's also super easy to use and clean. Plus, it's very affordable.

An air compressor is needed for this airbrush to work. If you don't have an air compressor or a connector hose, we suggest heading over to our Mini Air Compressor product page, in which you will be able to get both the air compressor and a braided hose at a great price. 


Made in China