Hobby Mio - HM-230 Lightweight Hi-Precision Airbrush (0.2mm)

Hobby Mio

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Hobby Mio's HM-230 airbrush is their newest addition to their airbrush lineup, boasting a super fine 0.2 needle size for precision techniques such as making lines, shading, and blending. This airbrush is definitely not for beginners, but can be used by intermediate and advanced user to further their techniques and try new ones. 

This airbrush is dual-action and have impressive performance, all for a very affordable price. It's also very light, at 69 grams only!

An air compressor is needed for this airbrush to work. If you don't have an air compressor or a connector hose, we suggest heading over to our Mini Air Compressor product page, in which you will be able to get he air compressor, an airbrush holder, and a braided hose at a great price. 


Made in China