Hobby Mio - Meowsmith Desktop Vacuum Cleaner V2.0

Hobby Mio

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Hobby Mio improved on their previous desktop vacuum design to bring you Version 2.0 of their desktop vacuum cleaner

Features of the new V2.0 vacuum:

  • Its' slighty bigger than the previous version
  • Quieter and "smoother"
  • Instead of pulling to separate the compartments like the previous version, everything is "twist control", so there's less chance for you to break it. Plus, it doesn't feel as flimsy
  • Circular shape instead of a rounded square design

Operating way is the same as the previous version, and it still runs on 2 AA batteries.

And guess what? This vacuum actually comes with decals so you can decorate your own vacuum and make it one-of-a-kind!


Continuous working time: 60 minutes (depending on battery type and capacity)
Weight: ~140g
Size: 85*65mm
Made in China