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Hobby Mio

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Hobby Mio's modelling cement can be used for many things, from seamline removal, to simply gluing two parts together. These are of similar properties of the CA Glue/ Cement you see in other hobby stores!

A few tips and tricks:

  • If you would like to remove seam lines, use the standard or the thick cement. Glue the parts together, press firmly (or use clamps to secure them), and then sand off the bit where the two part comes together. 
  • If you would like to simply secure pieces together, the extra thin or standard cement would to the trick
  • Don't cement parts together after painting is done, do it beforehand! Cement has the potential to damage your paintjob, no matter how careful you are.
  • Make sure you use the cement in a ventilated area.


40ml capacity
Made in China