Hobby Mio - Multi-function Wet Palette

Hobby Mio

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Before we get into details: yes, we know they spelt "Moisturizing" wrong - there's no need to e-mail us about it :P

I used to have a separate "decal tray" and painting tray, but have been using this product for a long time now.  It saves me a lot of space, and it's compact and easy to use. 

The best thing about this tray set is that it comes with 20 sheets of special "coloring paper" that can be used to mix paint on. It doesn't seep into the tray area itself, so you can simply remove it when you're done. It also comes with a sponge layer to hold water and ensure the mixing paper is always moist. Plus, it also ensures that your paint doesn't dry out.

Comes with a lid, making it kid (and kitty) safe.


Size: 250*150mm L/W, 30mm H
Made in China