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⚠️ Customers may receive the old packaging of the Chrome and Green Gold markers, as we phase out those markers with old packaging over time.
The old packaging for the Chrome and Green Gold markers will NOT have the color name on them. It will just have silver and gold writing on them. ⚠️


Hobby Mio's Super Metallic Marker lineup has been expanded! Hooray!!
These markers are meant to simulate "electroplating" and/or colored chrome finish, and have a very high gloss finish.

Their silver metallic marker is extremely similar to Molotow's Liquid Chrome. Once applied, it will apply a very bright, mirror chrome finish. Perfect for inner frames, wheel rims, and most mecha parts.

Their gold markers (and other varieties) are also perfect for inner frame detailings, especially on cabling parts. Please allow 24 hrs to cure before handling!


Made in China