Hobby Mio - Soft-tip Metallic Markers

Hobby Mio

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Sometimes, some parts are just too small to mask or paint using an airbrush. I'm sure a lot of scale modellers can relate to this. 

I've tried a lot of different markers of various brands, but would always be disappointed by the rigidness of the tip. When a friend of mine showed me these markers by Hobby Mio, I was skeptical, but I was proven wrong after I tried it. These markers are on-par (if not better) with Gundam Markers at half the price!

The soft tip really made a difference when detailing hard-to-reach areas such as verniers, cablings, and hose sections (like for the Barbatos/ Zaku). Furthermore, due to the soft tip, damage to existing paint job can be reduced.

Please don't press too hard with the marker, so the tip retains its' shape.

Comes in many different metallic colours!


Made in China