HWS - 1/100 Semi-Auto Sniper Rifle

Heavy Weapons System (HWS)

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The fifth weapon in the Heavy Weapon Systems Ballistic Weapons (BW) line, the BW-005 Semi Auto Sniper Rifle is a long one!

Designed for long distance shooting, the BW-005 shoots as hard as it shoots far! With it's semi automatic capability, mobile suits can place multiple shots at long distance to hit various targets or one giant mobile armour.

The BW-005 package contains the HWS Rifle Scope and two front bipod configs the can be attached to it.

This gives our users the option to attach the HWS Rifle Scope 001 & the HWS Bipod 001 (both flipped up or down) or keep the BW-005 stock!

Users can also attach both accessories on other HWS weapons that include the HWS modular rail mount (more coming soon)

This weapon is a 3D printed resin weapon designed for 1/100 scale mecha model kits.

All parts will require some sanding, cleanup and some paint to get a finished look.

This package includes:

  • BW-005 Semi Auto Sniper Rifle
  • HWS Rifle Scope (x1)
  • HWS Front Bipod (Flipped up & down)
  • MMP-001-FT Feddy Trigger Manipulators 001 (Left & Right)


  • Resin is a toxic material when airborne, please be in a well ventilated area and wear a proper respirator when sanding or wet sanding the pieces. Please refer to our "Precautions & Guidelines" sheet before working on this kit
  • Do not use thin single blade nippers to cut these parts as resin is not as soft as regular plastic!
  • Please use super glue as plastic cement will not adhere as well.