HWS - 1/144 4-Tube Rocket Launcher

Heavy Weapons System (HWS)

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Love Rockets, specifically four of them? Then you will love the 4-Tube Rocket Launcher in 1/144 scale! Give your 1/144 scale model kit some explosive damage with this set.

The 144W-008 is a full kit in itself, containing around 10 parts to make the whole launcher! This is our biggest parts count to date and we're super excited to show it off.

Although it's totally stable with just a push fit, we recommend super gluing the girders together with the front and end caps to prevent them from falling apart (please do not use plastic cement!)

This weapon is a 3D printed resin weapon designed for 1/144 scale mecha model kits.

All parts will require some sanding, cleanup and some paint to get a finished look.

This package includes:

  • 144W-008 Front Cap Resin Print
  • 144WS-008 Slide-In Pistol Grip Resin Print
  • 144WS-008 Support Girder Resin Print (x2)
  • 144WS-008 Mid Rocket Slot Resin Print
  • 144WS-008 End Cap Resin Print
  • 144WS-008 4-Tube Standard Rockets Resin Print (x4)


  • Resin is a toxic material when airborne, please be in a well ventilated area and wear a proper respirator when sanding or wet sanding the pieces. Please refer to our "Precautions & Guidelines" sheet before working on this kit
  • Do not use thin single blade nippers to cut these parts as resin is not as soft as regular plastic!
  • Please use super glue as plastic cement will not adhere as well.