HWS - 1/144 Weapons Set #14 (Zaku Under Arm Bazooka Set)

Heavy Weapons System (HWS)

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Introducing a more explosive 144 weapon kit, the ZK Under Arm Bazooka

This kit includes parts to make a whole bazooka that fits the Zeon aesthetic and can be wielded under the shoulder with (or without) a targeting sensor.

This weapon comes in 4 different parts and is designed to modularly work with other bazookas and rocket launchers down the line!

Unlike our 1/100 line, the 144 Weapon Sets don't need their own proprietary hands and will work with most of the 1/144 hands in the gunpla line.

They even fit with some figures and toys of the same scale!

This weapon is a 3D printed resin weapon designed for 1/144 scale mecha model kits.

This package includes:

  • 144WS-014 Bazooka Front Tube Resin Print
  • 144WS-014 Under Arm Receiver Resin Print
  • 144WS-014 Bazooka Rear Tube Resin Print
  • 144WS-014 Triple Cylinder Exhaust Resin Print
  • HWS Bazooka Targeting Sensor Resin Print


  • Resin is a toxic material when airborne, please be in a well ventilated area and wear a proper respirator when sanding or wet sanding the pieces. Please refer to our "Precautions & Guidelines" sheet before working on this kit
  • Do not use thin single blade nippers to cut these parts as resin is not as soft as regular plastic!
  • Please use super glue as plastic cement will not adhere as well.