HWS - 1/144 Zaku Giant Axe

Heavy Weapons System (HWS)

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Introducing the 144W-006 ZK Giant Single Edged Axe!!

This giant melee weapon comes in three different parts: the handle, the single edged head and the giant axe blade.

This helps with easier paint separation as well as modularity with different parts *cough* more giant axes *cough*

This weapon is a 3D printed resin weapon designed for 1/144 scale mecha model kits.

All parts will require some sanding, cleanup and some paint to get a finished look.

This package includes:

  • 144W-006 Giant Axe Head (Single Edged) Resin Print
  • 144W-006 Giant Axe Blade Resin Print
  • 144W-006 Axe Handle Resin Print


  • Resin is a toxic material when airborne, please be in a well ventilated area and wear a proper respirator when sanding or wet sanding the pieces. Please refer to our "Precautions & Guidelines" sheet before working on this kit
  • Do not use thin single blade nippers to cut these parts as resin is not as soft as regular plastic!
  • Please use super glue as plastic cement will not adhere as well.