Spare Parts - Aether Studios *RESIN* 00 Raiser LOT (READ DESCRIPTION)

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Hurro CHC peeps, this is Mars speaking.

This ALMOST COMPLETE Aether 00 Raiser *RESIN* lot was given to me randomly by Aether when I bought the 00 Raiser conversion for a commission work in 2022 (and one for myself.. because I <3 Raisers). I was also charged extra for it... maybe they got my order wrong with someone else's? IDK. Mystery for the ages..

Wait.. "Almost complete"? What does that mean?
I will try my best to explain below:
  • It almost has all of the parts of the 00 Raiser conversion kit (you can compare the photo I took with this Museigen Hobby page)
  • So you can't build the head fully (only 1 side of the head is provided), or the waist (can't see the waist part there), for example
  • But you can almost build a fully converted leg section, torso section, and arms section

I gave a good friend and customer of mine the exact same spare parts (because Aether gave me 2 sets), and he also managed to make his own Monochrome Raiser here

That should give you guys an indication on what it will look like. Honestly, it still looks like a full conversion kit, albeit with slightly less details. This is perfect for someone who just wants a simple resin conversion for practice, without breaking the bank.


*WYSWYG (What you see is what you get)
Once sold out, we will not be restocking this item.

These junk/ spare parts are perfect for those of you who would like to use them for kitbash/ scratchbuild materials, or as a secondary replacement to resin conversions (if applicable).

Please note:

  • BUYING THESE SPARE PARTS DOESN'T MEAN THAT YOU WILL BE ABLE TO BUILD AN ENTIRE SECTION (this should be obvious, but worth re-iterating >,>)
  • These parts are GENUINE parts from Aether studios
  • These parts are UNPAINTED
  • NO RETURNS OR REFUNDS are accepted for these spare part items.