Zurc Paints - Junior Set: PRIMERS

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Zurc's Junior set cosists of 4x30ml bottles at great value, perfect for beginners or those who are after a specific range of colours. 

Learning to prime for the first time or want some bang for your buck? Why not grab this awesome primer set from Zurc?

Junior Set PRIMERS consists of:

  • 30ml Surfacer 1500
  • 30ml Black Primer
  • 30ml White Primer
  • 30ml Gray Primer

Pre-thinned and ready for airbrush use, all you need to do is shake, load, and spray!


WARNING: Please ensure adequate PPE is used when using this paint. Using a respirator is highly reccommended, as with using an airbrush booth to vent out fumes. Please also ensure adequate ventilation when painting at all times.