Zurc Paints - LIMITED EDITION 90s Junior Set: HOT HUES

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Celebrate our Back to the 90s event with this HIGHLY LIMITED "HOT HUES" set by Zurc!

When you picture the 90s, what colors come to mind? Perhaps psychedelic colors: warm oranges, reds, and yellows? Or maybe the colors of outrageous fashion: pink, bright green, and cyan? We took on the challenge to capture the 90s with these new Junior sets, sourcing inspiration from 90s pop culture, fashion, marketing, technology, and design. Hope you all enjoy it!

There are two Junior sets to choose from! Once they are gone, they're gone - this set will never be reproduced again.

The Hot Hues #1 set consists of the following colours:

  • 30ml Pink
  • 30ml Cyan
  • 30ml Plum
  • 30ml Slime

The Hot Hues #2 set consists of the following colours:

  • 30ml Green
  • 30ml Blue
  • 30ml Violet
  • 30ml Sunkiss

Acrylic lacquer paint.

Pre-thinned and ready for airbrush use, all you need to do is shake, load, and spray!
Before anyone asks, yes, this set is priced higher than the other junior sets due to the different type of materials used to create these paints.


WARNING: Please ensure adequate PPE is used when using this paint. Using a respirator is highly reccommended, as with using an airbrush booth to vent out fumes. Please also ensure adequate ventilation when painting at all times.