Zurc Paints - Liquid Mask 30ml

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Have you ever used Liquid Mask? Well, be prepared for your masking game to be changed forever!

How to use:

  • Paint the surface you want to mask
  • Apply Liquid Mask with a brush
  • Curing time is between 5 to 30 minutes, depending on thickness of layers
  • Spray over the area that is masked
  • Remove Liquid Mask using toothpick/ sharp tweezers (our recommendation is the Mio HMT-101)
  • You're finished!

Liquid mask is perfect for contours, tricky surfaces, or masking SDs xD
You can combine it with paper, masking tape, plastic, or masking putty for large surfaces.
It will not damage the finish of your paintjob.

Zurc liquid mask is made of synthetic liquid rubber.

WARNING: Even though this paint is non-toxic, please ensure adequate ventilation when painting at all times.