Zurc Paints - Water-based Chipping Medium 30ml

Zurc Scale Model Paints

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Can be applied by Hand painting and airbrush.
Compatible with any brands of paints.
Compatible with Acrylic, Lacquer, Enamels and Waterbased paints of different brand.

How to use chipping medium? It's easy!
Firstly, paint your base layer (e.g rust colour). Then apply chipping medium. After the chipping medium dries, you can then paint your final coat of paint. When you scratch the surface of the paint with a cotton bud that's been dipped in water and/or toothpick, etc, it will then "chip" the surface and reveal the base layer. 

This makes it a must-have item if you're trying out weathering for the first time.


WARNING: Even though this paint is non-toxic, please ensure adequate ventilation when painting at all times.