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Looking for a compatible topcoat? Use the Zurc Chrome Sealer!


The long awaited Mirror Chrome is here at last... the Zurc Zuper Chrome!

This lacquer-based Chrome paint upgrades the Hyper Chrome, with perks such as:

  • NO NEED FOR A GLOSS BLACK BASE (saving time and money, reducing possibilities for errors and dust being trapped between the GB/ chrome process)
  • Higher shine, and a mirror finish unlike the old Hyper Chrome, without topcoating

HOWEVER, this chrome has a different property than the Hyper Chrome, The goal of the Zurc Hyper Chrome is to achieve a silver-chrome paintjob with a mirror effect WITHOUT TOPCOAT.
DO NOT USE THE ZUPER CHROME AS A BASE FOR CANDY TONES. We're serious. Any other silver paint will do. Candy at your own risk.

Handling the painted surface before it fully cures can leave fingerprints and rub out the shine of the chrome.

Tutorials on how to use this Chrome can be found on our Facebook page, or Instagram page. PLEASE READ THEM CAREFULLY, ESPECIALLY IF YOU'RE A BEGINNER OR NEW TO CHROME PAINTING.

Pre-thinned and ready for airbrush use, all you need to do is shake, load, and spray! This paint also works primerless. Just ensure the surface is dry and clean!


WARNING: Please ensure adequate PPE is used when using this paint. Using a respirator is highly reccommended, as with using an airbrush booth to vent out fumes. Please also ensure adequate ventilation when painting at all times.