Hobby Mio - HM-231 Lightweight Hi-Precision Airbrush (0.3mm)

Hobby Mio

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So you've tried the Beginner Airbrush from Hobby Mio and would like to step up and use a more precise airbrush. Or perhaps you're an experienced airbrush user but would like another reliable airbrush for regular use at a great price.

Hobby Mio's HM-231 airbrush is the perfect "intermediate" airbrush for those wanting more paint control and gain even more experience in airbrushing. This airbrush is dual-action and have impressive performance, all for a very affordable price. It's also very light, at 82 grams only!

An air compressor is needed for this airbrush to work. If you don't have an air compressor or a connector hose, we suggest heading over to our Mini Air Compressor product page, in which you will be able to get he air compressor, an airbrush holder, and a braided hose at a great price. 


Made in China